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As tradition every year, we joined the Cyber Security Challenge Belgium (CSCBE) CTF again with some good friends for the 2024 rounds. With fresh new challenges, we looked forward to this competition. As usual, we had challenges about different topics such as web, crypto, reverse engineering, forensics, and more.

What is CSCBE CTF?

CSCBE CTF is a Capture The Flag competition organized by Cyber Security Challenge Belgium. It is a competition where participants have to solve cybersecurity related challenges to get a flag. The flags are submitted to the platform to get points. The value of the flag depends on the difficulty of the challenge and the number of solves. The teams with the most points at the end of the qualification round wins access to the finals.

My thoughts on CSCBE 2024

Just like last time, we were doing it with 3 friends. The first day went well, and we managed to solve some challenges. The second day was a bit harder, as we were running into harder challenges. We managed to solve some of them, but we unfortunately weren’t as successful as last year. I’d like to add that in my opinion, this year’s challenges were noticeably harder compared to those of last year, and it felt like there was less variety in them. Some challenges required some very niche knowledge, which makes it harder for people to solve them.

It was another excuse to get together with friends and have a good time. It’s sad to think this might be the last time as I’m in my last year of university. I wish the best of luck to the teams that made it to the finals, and I hope future teams will have as much fun as we did.