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Hike in Rabenstein - Austria

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After looking around some places close to where we stay, we decided to go to Rabenstein. It’s a small typical Austrian village with a castle ruin near it, the Burgruine of Rabenstein to be exact.

The Hike

After a short 20-minute drive from St. Pölten, we arrived at the train station and decided to start walking

The castle up in this image was our destination

The castle

I’ll let the pictures do the talking


Starting climb

Even more climbing

The castle ruins


Castle view 1

I’d like to grab your attention to this weird tree

Weird tree


On our way down

After seeing the ruins and looking around a bit, we decided to eat and continue our journey

abandoned house

My roommate decided to climb a hunting tower (?) and I took this insane pic

My friends hard pic

not abandoned house

Back on the ground

After about 3 hours of walking, we were back in the city.

We hung around the bridge and water a little, skipped some stones, saw a guy flying a drone under the bridge. Then we decided to head back to the station.



That was about it, nothing special. But it was very much worth it.

Thankfully the weather was also perfect!